We are AXSOL

At AXSOL, we jointly develop power systems for various fields of application – from stationary battery storage systems like our Energy Container Solutions to mobile battery storage systems for professional use of the “ARVEY” product line. For “ARVEY”, we were already awarded the Federal Prize for Outstanding Innovative Performance in 2016. We also received an award from Aerospace & Defense Review in 2021 and are now among the top 10 defense tech solution providers in Europe. In 2023, we were also recognized as a Top 10 Battery Storage Solutions Provider in Europe by Energy Tech Review for Energy Container Solutions.

We are a dynamic, highly motivated team of all ages, convinced that we can make the world a little better. As necessary with any dynamic company, we all pitch in together wherever we need to and apply our strengths where they have the most impact. Together, we reflect, discuss, design, produce and place our products internationally from our location in Würzburg – with a lot of heart and soul and the claim to develop really good solutions.

Easy and safe access to energy for everyone.

Energy is the basis of economy and progress – that’s why our vision is to create a future-proof energy supply that is cost-effective, secure, sustainable and tailored to the needs of society, thus promoting prosperity and progress.

Our vision is a sustainable energy supply that is cost-effective, secure, sustainable and demand-driven to promote prosperity and progress.

A future-proof and sustainable energy supply.

The energy supply of the future must not only be economical, but also sustainable, flexible, modular, and at the same time reliable and durable. Only through well thought-out overall concepts and systems will we be able to improve energy systems worldwide.

The future of energy supply requires sustainable, flexible and durable systems. Through holistic concepts and systems, we can achieve an improvement in energy systems worldwide.

Rethinking energy delivery as a whole.

We are certain: the battery age is coming. Whether for pocket-sized mobile applications or huge for industry and utilities. New energy systems must plan for battery storage and renewable energy generators as a central element for a more decentralized, sustainable energy supply.

The battery age is coming. Battery storage and renewable energy generators are central elements for a more decentralized, sustainable energy supply in the future.

Develop demand-oriented and individual products.

Whether for peak shifting in industrial production or for EV charging – our battery solutions stand for durability, modularity and the possibility of technology upgrading as well as multi-use applications.

Our battery solutions are long-lasting, modular and offer technology upgrading and multi-use applications for peak shifting in industrial production or EV charging.


AXSOL ARVEY KfW Award Gründen 2017 mobile Energie und Batteriespeicher
AXSOL Top Defense Tech Solutions Provider 2021 Militär und Einsatzkräfte mobile Energie
AXSOL ARVEY Bundespreis für herausragende innovatorische Leistungen für das Handwerk 2016 mobiler Batteriespeicher
AXSOL ARVEY Bundespreis für herausragende innovatorische Leistungen für das Handwerk 2016 mobiler Batteriespeicher

Our founder

Our founder Jürgen Zinecker studied business administration and surveying engineering and has founded and accompanied several successful companies in the past.

He is convinced that the availability of sustainable and affordable energy is the basis for economic growth and progress.

For him battery storage is the key technology on the way to energy transition and decarbonization.

With AXSOL’s battery storage solutions he pursues a holistic approach and wants to make self-generated energy accessible to everyone, always and everywhere, from generation and storage to intelligent consumption.

Our founder Jürgen Zinecker is a graduate in business administration and surveying engineer with experience in founding and supporting successful companies.

He sees the availability of sustainable and cost-effective energy as the basis for economic growth and progress.

With battery storage as a key technology for the energy transition, he pursues a holistic approach to make self-generated energy accessible to everyone, always and everywhere.

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Corporate Governance

At AXSOL, our commitment to empowering your business and optimizing energy systems is unwavering. Through collaboration, innovation, and continuous learning, we provide exceptional products and services. Join us in combating climate change and reducing carbon emissions, as we strive for a fossil-free energy supply.

With our platform approach, we seamlessly connect and optimize energy systems for your business. Our scalable solutions are tailored to meet your unique needs, adapting to changing demands.

We prioritize integrity, transparency, and accountability at AXSOL. Through long-term partnerships built on trust, we drive the transformation towards a sustainable and efficient world. Let us empower your business to thrive in the era of clean and renewable energy.

AXSOL is built on its people. We value talent, fostering a work environment where everyone can excel. Our team works together, integrating ideas and thoughts into our operational process. With independent, results-oriented work, we achieve excellent results.

In our collaborative and supportive work environment, we address problems openly and strive for transparency. Together, we implement the best and most innovative ideas, aligned with our quality standards. Fixed teams ensure a results-oriented approach, with distributed responsibilities for important tasks.

Our network strengthens our ideas. We gather know-how from energy supply experts, bundling their expertise in our projects and products. Research institutes contribute academically and help us integrate innovative components into our solutions, adding more value for our customers.

Cooperation partners expand our reach into new industries, leveraging their know-how and facilities to develop individual customer-oriented solutions. At AXSOL, we offer an agile, innovative, and solution-oriented approach, combining focal know-how for sustainable and efficient energy supply.

Our partners are valued members of the AXSOL family. We support them wholeheartedly, providing the necessary know-how and resources to achieve shared goals. Our aim is to ensure our partners always feel well cared for and advised, working closely together to deliver quality throughout the value chain.

AXSOL brings its understanding of quality to customers worldwide, thanks to our dedicated partners. Together, we create a thriving ecosystem of success.

AXSOL Team CEO Jürgen Zinecker Mobile und stationäre Batteriespeicher Energie

Jürgen Zinecker

CEO | Founder

Jürgen is an experienced entrepreneur as well as a graduate in business administration and geodesy engineering. After his studies, he worked as a graduate engineer and gained his first professional experience as a sales manager at the Japanese optoelectronics manufacturer Sokkisha. He then worked as a business unit manager at Trimble Navigation in various locations around the world, including New Zealand, the USA and Germany. He also served as managing partner at GPS-Gear GmbH. In addition, he was responsible for building up the marketing department at b.i.s. AG as Director of Marketing and Sales. In 1995, he founded his first company, Navigon GmbH, and was instrumental in establishing the first mobile vehicle navigation system. Jürgen’s vision is to ensure access to reliable, sustainable and affordable power for everyone, always and everywhere in the world.

AXSOL Team Assistent der Geschäftsführung Leon Jacob Mobile und stationäre Batteriespeicher Energie

Leon Jacob

Assistant to CEO

Leon Jacob is our Assistant to CEO and brings extensive experience in project management and controlling in the automotive OEM and supplier industry. Through his master thesis he was able to gain deep insights into the conceptual changes of the German power system towards decentralization and the resulting opportunities for new business models and market transformation. At AXSOL he is responsible for operational management, development monitoring and technology transfer. He also handles business development and strategic partner and customer relationships. As EDA’s CnGE (Non-Governmental Expert) in Energy, he also continues to gather extensive expertise that feeds into AXSOL’s product and business model development.

AXSOL Team Key Account Manager Felix Beyer Mobile und stationäre Batteriespeicher Energie

Felix Beyer

Key Account Manager

As Key Account Manager, Felix is the first point of contact for customer inquiries and manages the implementation of our projects. He leads the consulting, both in design and profitability analysis, to create a good basis for decision-making for our battery storage projects. He brings expertise from his many years of experience in the automotive industry in international customer business and business development and is therefore also supportive in the strategic development of the company. Felix studied business informatics and laid the foundation for our software for the dimensioning of hybrid energy systems (ADONYS) as part of his master’s thesis at AXSOL. Therefore, he additionally supervises the design of our energy systems and the continuous development of the tool.

AXSOL Team Key Account Manager Felix Beyer Mobile und stationäre Batteriespeicher Energie

Simon Müller

Development Lead

Simon is a developer at AXSOL responsible for designing grid-connected as well as off-grid battery and hybrid storage solutions that ensure a reliable and secure energy supply. His scope of work includes the development, design and integration of energy storage systems in industrial, commercial and battery power plants. One of his most innovative projects is the construction of an energy system for the German Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance. This system consists of battery, fuel cell, gasoline generator and PV array and was completely conceived, designed and implemented by him. Before joining AXSOL, Simon worked as an engineer for PV ground-mounted power plants and then focused on the design and grid integration of energy storage systems. Simon is excited by the variety and excitement of his work and the opportunity to collaborate on innovative products.