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The Arvey concept

The name ARVEY comes from the Celtic and means something like “worthy of battle”. With an ARVEY product, you get a reliable and strong mobile battery as a partner for all scenarios in which you need mobile power quickly and reliably. Produce, store and consume electricity with your mobile power generator according to your personal ideas.

ARVEY stands for reliable and powerful mobile batteries that provide power quickly and easily in all scenarios. The name is Celtic and means “worthy of battle”. With an ARVEY product, you can store and consume electricity according to your ideas.

AXSOL ARVEY E5 rollbarer mobiler Batteriespeicher für professionelle Einsätze Baustelle Militär

Mobile power solution

ARVEY E5 – The rollable battery storage for professional use

The ARVEY E5 is a mobile battery storage system for the self-sufficient power supply of applications with high performance and battery capacity requirements, for example for site electricity in the construction industry. With the E5, 5 kW of power can be achieved with 6 kWh of battery capacity. The systems each have a CEE socket (32A, single-phase) and a Schuko socket for connecting 230V AC consumers and draw the electrical energy from a safe LFP battery.

The mobile battery can be charged with photovoltaic energy via a generator, the power grid or the built-in MPPT solar charge controller. Connected consumers are supplied with external energy during the charging process. The system is encased in a metal case with wheels on the bottom.

The ARVEY E5 is a mobile battery with 5 kW power and 6 kWh battery capacity, ideal for site electricity in the construction industry. The battery has one or two sockets, draws its energy from a safe LiFePO4 battery and can be charged via generator, grid or solar charge controller. The metal case with wheels protects the system.

5 KW


6 KWh


3,2 KW

Solar input

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AXSOL ARVEY H300 Balkonkraftwerke Solarkraftwerke Kleine Photovoltaikanlagen für Zuhause

Power solution for your home

E-FILL HOME 300 – The compact solar power station with a plug

From the sun to the socket!
The highly effective 300 Wp solar panel paired with a compact solar inverter of the highest quality supplies your home with free, clean energy. A complex installation is not necessary – plug and play into the socket and produce your own balcony electricity. The panel can be attached anywhere and aligned to the sun. The electricity produced reduces your electricity costs and you are doing something good for the environment. Expanded by a mobile memory, you can also use the generated energy in the evening when the sun is no longer shining. Several E-Fill Home 300 can be connected to each other using our connection cable. Perfect for your own balcony power station.

18,96 %


33,21 V

Nominal voltage

320 WP

Nominal output

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