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In every production hall, cost optimization and a smooth workflow are the focus. Electricity is always needed reliably, without interruption, flexibly and cost-efficiently. Companies are also increasingly recognizing the value of renewable energy and battery storage on the way to achieving this goal. In addition, legislators are creating incentives or even obligations for the development of these capacities (for example, photovoltaic obligations for new buildings). This will make the power supply lower in emissions, but also more volatile. This contradicts the expectations of industrial producers.

The Energy Container Solutions remedy this situation by acting as a central storage solution to balance the peaks and lulls of green generators. We show you how to build a more reliable, flexible and cost-efficient infrastructure with AXSOL’s battery storage solutions.

Energy Container Solutions provide industrial companies with a reliable, flexible and cost-effective solution to manage the volatile power supply that comes with renewable energy. AXSOL helps companies build a centralized storage solution that balances peaks and lulls in green generation.

AXSOL Energy Container Solutions Batteriespeicher für Industrie und Gewerbe zum Stromsparen und für Lastspitzenkappung

The Energy Container Solutions (ECS) are freely configurable. From 100 to 6000 kWh of battery storage can be integrated into 10-, 20-, or 40-foot ISO containers. With the largest storage capacity, a small village with 300 single-family homes could be supplied with electricity from the container alone for two days. The batteries are rechargeable with any conceivable energy source (power grid, photovoltaic, wind power, diesel generator, fuel cell, …). With a likewise selectable output power, even large production halls can be reliably supplied with electricity.

The Energy Container Solutions (ECS) are freely configurable. From 100 to 6000 kWh battery storage can be integrated into 10-, 20-, or 40-foot ISO containers.


Quiet Operation

Efficiency gain compared to diesel generators

Data monitoring and evaluation

Zero emission

Increase of the grid capacity

Uninterruptible power supply

Example layouts

10 feet container

Capacity: 327 kWh

Power: 100 kW

Amortization period: 3.5 years*

20 feet container

Capacity: 1,089 kWh

Power: 300 kW

Amortization period: 2 years*

AXSOL Energy Container Solutions Eigenverbrauchsoptimierung Batteriespeicher

For production halls with high electricity demand, battery storage systems of variable size contribute to cost reduction and self-consumption optimization. Additional energy generation by a photovoltaic system at low acquisition costs is the most widespread solution here to reduce power consumption from the grid. The energy generated during the day is temporarily stored in our containers and made usable for the night or periods with less sunshine. Due to their modular design, generators and storage units can be scaled as required and designed precisely to meet the conditions of the application in question. Thus, a power supply from renewable energies of up to 100% can also be achieved for your production.

 AXSOL Energy Container Solutions Lastspitzenkappung Batteriespeicher

Many companies in the manufacturing sector have particularly high energy requirements at certain times, for example to ramp up their machines in the morning. These peak loads are subsequently charged in the form of significantly higher network usage fees (power price). The maximum average power measured in the quarter-hourly measurement intervals determines the level of the costs. Avoidance of these high costs is possible on the one hand through so-called load shifting, in which selected consumption processes are downregulated to avoid the peaks – but to the detriment of production efficiency.

A more productive solution is offered by our battery storage systems, which can cushion load peaks by discharging them when needed, thus avoiding increased grid usage fees. Incidentally, this works with but also without a photovoltaic system. The rule is: the more evenly the electricity is drawn from the grid, the cheaper it is.

 AXSOL Energy Container Solutions EV Charging Elektromobilität Batteriespeicher

More and more companies are providing their employees with charging stations for e-cars on company premises as part of the mobility revolution. On the one hand, this is good for the environment, but on the other hand it increases the demand for electricity. If several cars are charging at the same time, power peaks (see above) can occur. This can be avoided by using a large battery storage system as a charging point. Combined with renewable energy generators, this can also further improve the eco-balance of the vehicles.

 AXSOL Energy Container Solutions Unterbrechungsfreie Stromversorgung Notstromversorgung mit Batteriespeicher

In the event of mains fluctuations, the power supply is supported by drawing energy from the battery storage system, and in the event of a complete mains failure, the entire power supply is switched to battery operation within a maximum of 20 ms. This way, the function of your machines can be secured several times and a complete mains failure can be avoided in case of brownouts or blackouts.

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