Frequently asked questions

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Can I use the ARVEY A1 portable to charge my devices?2023-04-25T16:45:09+02:00

The ARVEY A1 can be used with 230 V devices that require less than 1000 W.
First, you need to check the operating power of your device (measured in watts). If it is less than the output power of ARVEY A1 1000W, the device can be operated.

Why is the balcony power plant inverter not flashing green?2023-04-25T16:46:09+02:00

After connection, it takes about 15 minutes until the inverter / inverter flashes green.

Does a balcony power plant have to be registered?2023-04-25T16:48:37+02:00

Regardless of the size of the plant, every balcony power plant in Germany must be registered. Up to a system size (size of the inverter) of 600W, however, the balcony power plant can be registered with the local grid operator in a simplified manner. If you want to install more, an electrician must be hired to do the registration.

Is operating balcony power plants legal?2023-04-25T16:50:24+02:00

Balcony power plants can be operated legally in Germany. As early as 2015, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) confirmed that operation is permitted.

Do I have to have the balcony power station checked by an electrician?2023-04-25T16:51:08+02:00

Up to a system output of the inverter of 639W/2.6A there is no danger for the existing house electrics. However, if you live in a household with old screw-type fuses, it is advisable to replace them with smaller fuses. If you still want to have the electrical system checked, we recommend having an electrician check the house electrical system in accordance with DIN VDE 0298-4.

Do balcony power plants require maintenance?2023-04-25T16:52:10+02:00

Solar systems are generally low-maintenance. An annual visual inspection of any loosened screws is recommended. If modules are dirty, they can be cleaned with demineralized water.

Where should I place a balcony power station?2023-04-25T16:52:51+02:00

Balcony power plants should be installed in places with direct sunlight, e.g. on a balcony, in the garden, on a flat roof, on facades or on the roof. At best, a balcony power plant faces south.
If your balcony is higher than 4 m above the ground and above a traffic area, normal glass-foil modules are not permitted.

How does the installation of a balcony power plant work?2023-04-25T16:56:12+02:00

After purchasing a balcony power station, you can put it into operation yourself simply by plugging in the Schuko plug. The balcony power plant can also be put into operation with a Wieland plug, provided that a suitable Wieland socket is already installed.

Are balcony power plants winterized?2023-04-25T17:00:34+02:00

Solar modules are designed for temperatures between -40 and +85°C.
Frost, rain or moisture do not damage the solar module. The modules are therefore winterproof and can be operated all year round.

Functionality of the ARVEY E-Fill H300 balcony power plants2023-04-25T17:01:51+02:00

A balcony power plant is basically a small solar system consisting of one or more solar panels connected to an inverter. This converts the direct current of the modules into normal household alternating current. In addition, there is the cabling to the socket and the attachment of the modules. The main advantage of a balcony power plant is that the solar power generated is fed directly into the home power grid. Household appliances then automatically use solar power instead of grid power.

“The Arvey E5 is interesting, but we’ll wait until battery prices come down and the technology matures.”2023-04-25T17:03:41+02:00

The technology is already mature. With our high-quality power electronics and long-life LFP batteries, the E-series already has an advantage over diesel and petrol generators (see question on costs). The first restrictions and bans for diesel-powered devices are being introduced and diesel prices will continue to rise.
Investing in battery-powered equipment is already paying off and will become even more attractive as fuel prices rise. And beyond that, in a few areas there is “the right moment” to switch to environmentally friendly alternatives. Active climate protection is needed immediately – on a small and large scale.

What is the status of my application?2023-04-25T17:11:31+02:00

We appreciate your interest in working for AXSOL. Due to our many tasks, it can unfortunately take a little longer for us to get back to you.
You can of course ask about the status of your application at any time on 0931 /45 46 24 84 or write to us using the contact form.

How do I become a partner / dealer?2023-04-25T17:12:18+02:00

Upon request (via info@axsol.eu) you will receive a dealer self-assessment from us. Simply fill them out and send them back to us. After processing the documents, we will contact you immediately.

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