Together with its partner Pop Up City Inc. (part of the Continest Group), ARVEY was able to prevail over strong competition in the first round of the Canadian IDEaS (Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security) competition and thus advances to the next project phase.

The “Pop up City Contest” is a multi-stage competition for innovators to develop reliable, energy-efficient, integrated and scalable energy, water and waste management systems for so-called Relocated Temporary Camps (RTCs). The specific objective of this competition is to find solutions to manage the energy, water and waste needs of an RTC with a size between 150 and 1,500 people, regardless of the climatic conditions.

The other objectives of the Pop up City Contest are:

To promote innovations and developments that significantly reduce the fuel and water use, as well as the waste generation of an RTC, while maintaining the given performance capacities.
To reduce the current fuel required (by 33%), water used (by 33%) and waste generated (by 33%).
The ARVEY solution includes:

Primary energy source, state of the art batteries and the additional use of renewable energy.