In the military environment, e-bikes are becoming increasingly popular as they offer an environmentally friendly and efficient alternative to conventional means of transport. However, charging e-bikes during critical missions is a challenge as reliable power sources are often not available.

To solve this problem, AXSOL and SFC Energy have combined technologies to develop an innovative mobile charging solution for e-bikes.

AXSOL’s ARVEY A1 mobile battery and SFC’s Emily 3000 fuel cell have been combined into a solution that can be implemented on ACS vehicles. Designed to be as light and small as possible, the solution allows e-bikes to be charged in the field. The use of a foldable solar panel can reduce the need for methanol and thus the need for fuel logistics for deployed troops.

The combination of mobile battery and fuel cell provides reliable and independent power supply to ensure optimal performance and reduce dependence on diesel and transport. Furthermore, with a total weight of less than 35 kg, the mobile battery and fuel cell can be easily transported on ACS vehicles together with the e-bike during critical missions.

The fast charging times of the mobile charging solution ensure that the e-bike is ready for use in just one hour. This is an important factor that can be crucial in critical missions.

Overall, this mobile charging solution for e-bikes offers an efficient and reliable way to charge e-bikes during critical missions. It reduces the dependency on diesel and transport, contributing to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable mobility. We are proud to be able to contribute to a more innovative and sustainable mobility in the military as well with our solution.