We are very pleased to have been recognized by Energy Tech Review as one of the top 10 battery storage solution providers in Europe!

This recognition is a testament to our commitment to providing innovative and sustainable energy solutions for industrial and commercial applications.

Our innovative Energy Container Solutions were also featured in an article by Energy Tech Review. As the article points out, the energy crisis in Europe has presented many companies with challenges to maintain a cost-efficient energy supply. With rising electricity prices and increasing grid capacity gaps, there is an urgent need for advanced technologies that can make sustainable energy more accessible, reliable and cost-effective. This is where AXSOL comes into play.

Our Energy Container Solutions (ECS) are containerized battery storage systems (BESS) that can store electricity from all energy sources as efficiently as possible and provide it on demand. The ECS work similarly to power banks that charge smartphones, but on an industrial scale, making them a multi-purpose power solution for modern businesses.

We are proud to be recognized for our commitment to developing advanced technologies that help companies transform their energy use and become more sustainable. In the full article on the Energy Tech Review website, there is more information on how AXSOL is taking the lead in developing sustainable energy solutions.